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Our Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Perth is a WA owned and operated pest control company 100% Western Australian Owned and operated, specialists in all areas of Integrated Pest Management for all your Pest Control needs Whether it be Commercial kitchens or residential homes we carry out treatments for all your pest control needs

CPC Commercial Pest Control Perth
          for absolute peace of mind

  • Free on site integrated pest control management assessments for all Commercial Businesses & premises
  • Free pest control quotes for all residential homes & situations
  • Termite Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection
  • Annual Termite Inspection - Including Timber Pest Inspection
  • Termite Inspection and spot treatment’s to full Termite Inspections and treated zone’/Barrier’s
  • Full written report with all Termite - inspections as per Australian Standard’s
  • Treatment Certificate with all full or Part Termite Treated Zone’s/Barrier’s

All common pest control treatments include:

  • Ants, Perth's most common ant is the Coastal Brown, Ant Treatments can range from a full wet chemical treatment to your property including the use of a chemical dust to using Amdro ant bait We also carry out Black ant treatments, Bull Ant treatments, Argentine Ant treatments,
  • Bees, Bed Bugs, Biting Insects
  • Cockroach Control within Perth include all types of Cockroaches from German Cockroaches, American Cockroaches the Australian Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Brown banded Cockroach, Smokey brown Cockroach, Carpet Beetles
  • Flies-Fly control treatments are carried out by Commercial Pest Control throughout Perth on a weekly basis for all types of flying insect pests Flies including the common Housefly, Lesser housefly, Blow Flies, Bush fly, Vinegar Flies, Stable Fly, Cheese skipper fly, Biting midges also called Sand flies, Fleas, Flying Insects
  • Pigeon Removal, Possum trapping, Portuguese Millipedes, Black Portuguese millipedes a native of Portugal it was accidentally introduced to Australia, first appearing in Port Lincoln South Australia around 1953
  • Rodents, Mice, Rats
  • Spiders, Red Back Spider, Black House Spider, Silverfish Treatments, The silverfish's main role in life is to eat books,clothing and paper, Silverfish only eats at night. Stored Product insects (Indian Meal to clothes moths)
  • Common Papernest Wasp, European Wasps, European wasps can sting their victim more than once and each time the wasp stings its victim it injects venom.Paper Wasps, Yellow Papernest Wasp, Wasps
  • Mosquitoes

Commercial Pest Control provides obligation free site assessment

Check the drop down to see the pests we remove and the services we provide:

U3/14 Baling Street Cockburn Central Perth W.A 6164

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Commercial Pest Control Awarded WA Pest Managers Of The Years For 2011



(08) 9417 8118
(08) 9417 8122

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